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March 2016

Guardian Angel

When Your Guardian Angels Need a Vacation

I need to send a box of chocolates to my kids’ Guardian Angels. Seriously.

As a mother of a large family, I can humbly say that I cannot possibly watch over everyone. When someone asks, “How do you do it?” I laugh and honestly say, “I don’t!”  You see God wanted these munchkins to be with me and within the context of this crazy family.

Oh, and we are crazy. To emphasize this point, I thought I’d share some humbling family moments.

In my early years of parenthood, I was still learning to get the baby out of the front carrier. My husband stood in front of me and pulled him straight out and up…into the moving ceiling fan. The result of which was a distraught momma and railroad track on our baby’s head. While I was worried he would not be able to say his ABC’s, this child is approaching high school and can, with relative ease, recite all 26 letters 🙂

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Family, Reflections

Letting Go and Letting God

Settle in, friends. Here’s a long one…

It’s a late night. Worry has taken the night away. The possibility of the few precious drops of sleep that I so crave will soon drift away with the sunrise, and I cry out to my God for strength and help. Wrapped in the warmth of blankets upon my bed, I seek the warmth of His loving arms. Oh, that I could hear His voice and be wrapped in His loving embrace. The image is at the forefront of my thoughts right now because I am in need of Him.

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Mercy for real.

Mercy for Real

I have been thinking a great deal about mercy these days. There is someone in my life who I am struggling to love authentically. In my mind, I have spoken words of mercy and from my lips it all sounds really great. But then the encounter comes and I am left in the dust by the reality of my resentment.

I found myself wanting to say to the person in a moment of reflection,  I forgive you. But then, haven’t I already said that? Why the need to repeat the statement?  The urge I have to mend this fence that I already believe mended might indeed be because the Lord is telling me it is still broken. What am I missing?

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