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    Death Does not Make Me Sad

    I have a confession to make. Death does not make me sad. This is a change I’ve noticed in myself as I’ve grown older. The deeper I grow in my relationship with…

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    Behold How They Love One Another

    Early Christians were made recognizable by their actions. Aristedes, sent by Emperor Hadrian during the days of the early Church to scope out those known as “Christians,” gave a report and these…

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    Stop setting the table

    Published in the Catholic Times, March 1st, 2020 Through prayer, I have been convicted to pray hard and let that be my doing. With Mary as our example, pray and then trust…

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    It’s been almost 72 hours since I dropped him off at the airport and we are all still alive. Survival is necessary. Patience is prudent and a good dose of humility never…