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Calling It All Joy

Lesson 1. Don’t ever tell God to yell so you will hear Him. That story in the Bible where it’s the whisper passing by…dude, that is all you need. Trust me.

We have been a homeschooling family for 8 years now and I love it. Homeschooling for me conjures up so many great images of cocoa by the fire, picnics in the back yard on a blanket on a spring day, Shakespeare, late-night chats about politics, daily mass, freedom to explore and serve. That being said, homeschooling also leads me to put those things first and leave off the dinner prep, laundry, house cleaning, doctor calls, etc that are necessary to keep a family of ten up and going.

In the Fall, we noticed that our dream of homeschooling wasn’t lining up with the reality of what was actually happening in our home. Kids were not so motivated, arguments were becoming too common,  motivated learners were having to wait while I took doctor calls, cleaned up the latest mess from the mighty three “smalls”, settled disputes, re-ran the load of laundry in the washer that I forgot about, etc. Homeschooling did not meet our family goals at that time. We prayerfully considered our options and asked God to lead the way. After many discussions with those close to us and a few visits to local schools,  we decided to enroll in our local Catholic school.

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