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Mercy for real.

Mercy for Real

I have been thinking a great deal about mercy these days. There is someone in my life who I am struggling to love authentically. In my mind, I have spoken words of mercy and from my lips it all sounds really great. But then the encounter comes and I am left in the dust by the reality of my resentment.

I found myself wanting to say to the person in a moment of reflection,  I forgive you. But then, haven’t I already said that? Why the need to repeat the statement?  The urge I have to mend this fence that I already believe mended might indeed be because the Lord is telling me it is still broken. What am I missing?

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Living Mercy

This year Pope Francis called for all Christians to embrace a year of mercy.  To “rediscover the infinite mercy of the Father who welcomes everyone and goes out personally to encounter each of them.” If I had a meme, it would look something like me plotting ways for Pope Francis to hear my ideas for next year’s theme.  I see a dish of M&M’s with Joy, Peace, and Rest. A phone call perhaps: “Dear Holy Father, About that year of mercy.  You see I’m weak, and I want a break.”

But not really. I embrace this year of mercy, and it is changing everything.

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