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Letting Go and Letting God

Settle in, friends. Here’s a long one…

It’s a late night. Worry has taken the night away. The possibility of the few precious drops of sleep that I so crave will soon drift away with the sunrise, and I cry out to my God for strength and help. Wrapped in the warmth of blankets upon my bed, I seek the warmth of His loving arms. Oh, that I could hear His voice and be wrapped in His loving embrace. The image is at the forefront of my thoughts right now because I am in need of Him.

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Love Begins at Home: Family Traditions

One of the questions I often get from people is how do you teach your kids the faith?

I love this question because it’s like asking how do you bake a chocolate chip cookie? Everybody does it differently but each one tastes so good!

Now, I am coming from this with a Catholic background but any Christian can take Holy scripture, the parables of Jesus, The Old Testament stories of Adam and Eve, Noah, Joseph and the coat of many colors, etc. and bring them into their family library.

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Women walking together

Road to Emmaus

“Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?” Luke 24: 13-35

I was in the grocery store today, and I saw a woman with a baby in a sling and 5 or so kids with a  cart near her. I scanned their ages and realized she must be a homeschooling momma. We struck up a conversation and I mentioned our recent transition from homeschooling to brick and mortar.  She quickly reproofed my decision of sending my kids to Catholic school and I was struck at the severity of her reaction. Choosing to homeschool or not is a personal choice and one that need not be all or nothing. As women, we tend to reproof those who have chosen to educate their children differently than we. And I say this honestly for both homeschool mothers and traditional school mommas out there — judging brings us down. It divides us.

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